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Thank you for participating in the Fireware 12.5 public beta.  Together with other features new to Fireware v12.5, we're especially excited to launch the next generation of Access Portal functionality. 

Here is a quick list of what to expect as you explore the new features of Fireware v12.5. 

  • Access Portal Enhancements - The Access Portal now has reverse proxy technology built in, to enable the Access Portal to communicate with local/internal web servers. It also now supports Microsoft ActiveSync.
  • NetFlow for Egress  - In the NetFlow configuration, you can now select to monitor egress traffic for Firebox interfaces
  • EC Certificates for BOVPN and BOVPN VIF - The Firebox now supports Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) certificates, which are more efficient than RSA and DSA.
  • Multiple RADIUS server support - All features that support RADIUS authentication servers now support multiple RADIUS servers in both Web UI and Policy Manager. 
  • WebBlocker Override Improvements:
    • You can now enable or disable WebBlocker Override for websites in specific denied WebBlocker categories.
    • You can enable WebBlocker Override only for users who are members of a specific user group. 
  • Proxy Warn Message Improvements - You can now customize the warn message used for HTTP and Explicit proxy actions.

For more information about these features, and other enhancements in this release, review the What's New in Fireware v12.5presentation (coming soon!)

How Do I Report Problems or Give Feedback?
Please use the links to the left to report issues or to give us feedback on this release. 

Thank you for helping us test this new software!

The Beta Admin Team