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AuthPoint Agent for RD Web

Remote Desktop Web Access is a web interface (a page you visit in a web browser) used to launch remote applications. The web page shows a list of applications published from a server. From the web page, you can click on the icon for an application to launch that application.

Note: RD Web Access is only used to launch the remote applications. Once you have the application open, you can close RD Web Access.

The AuthPoint agent for RD Web adds the protection of multi-factor authentication. When the user types their user name and password on the RD Web page, the agent directs the request to AuthPoint and loads the single sign-on page with available authentication options based on the access policy for the user’s AuthPoint group.

Requirements to install the AuthPoint agent for RD Web:

  • The RD Web server must have Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.7.2 or higher installed
  • The AuthPoint agent for RD Web is supported on servers that run Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016

During beta, the AuthPoint agent for RD Web is available only from Centercode. After the beta finishes, you can download the agent from the Downloads page in the AuthPoint management UI.